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Trac Sprint

March 22, 2007 in Chapel Hill, NC

In this one-day sprint we discussed our software projects, how to manage them, and learned to use Trac. Trac allows hyperlinking information between a computer bug database, revision control and wiki content.


  • Sara Haines
  • Jesse Cleary
  • Chris Calloway
  • Harvey Seim

Full Notes

Sprint Goals

  • Migrate old SVN projects to new SVN instance
  • Develop framework to organize existing code
  • How to use wiki to reference/shortcut/organize/manage SVN

Sprint Tasks meet above goals (but not all accomplished and other minor embellishements since this sprint)

SVN and Trac Demonstration

A demostration of how to implement our framework of Projects and code components in SVN and Trac. We will be creating the Platforms repository and project and component daqLib under the Platforms.

Keep in mind that a Trac Project corresponds to an SVN Repository and a Trac Component corresponds to an SVN folder in Repository. Some of the Trac Lingo is explained by Jesse.