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Create Trac Project and Component

Use initenv command trac-admin to create your project. Answer interactive questions. You will need to know exact path to svn repository that you just created.

% trac-admin /var/srv/trac/nccoos/platforms initenv

Project Name [My Project]: NCCOOS Observing Platforms
Database connection string [sqlite:db/trac.db]> use default
Path to repository [/srv/svn]> /var/srv/svn/nccoos/platforms
Templates directory [/usr/share/trac/templates]> use default
<...more stuff...>

Verify the created component directory for trac just like with svn

% ls svn/nccoos
datamgmt platforms portal scratch

Configure Trac to recognize the new project

% cd /var/srv/trac/nccoos/platforms/conf
% ls
% vi trac.ini
  • remove all the default stuff
  • insert the following file that is a desired configuration from nccoos/portals project
  • insert ../../portal/conf/trac.ini
  • edit/change all "portal" stuff that was copied to apply for "platforms"

(Note: we need an example or template here)

Copy existing htdocs from portals for logo and facoicon.ico

% cd ../htdocs
% cp -a ../../portal/htdocs/* .

Change permissions recursively on the Trac project directory and files

% cd /var/srv/trac/nccoos
% chown -R apache:root platforms

Get the Admin Menu on Trac Webpage for project using trac-admin interactively

% cd /var/srv/trac/nccoos/platforms
% trac-admin /var/srv/trac/nccoos/platforms/

List permissions and get help within Trac

Trac> permission list
Trac> help 
< ... >
permission add <user> <persmission>

Trac> permission add cbc TRAC_ADMIN
Trac> exit

Apache Server

You will need to make some changes to the Apache server configuration and restart the http daemon.

Edit NCCOOS configuration

% cd /etc/httpd/conf.d
% vi nccoos.conf

duplicate <Location /portal> and change 3 occurences of portals to platforms

Restart Apache now that you have changed a configuration

% service httpd restart
Stopping httpd
Starting httpd ...

Trac Site Admin

User cbc can now use web-based admin tools from the Admin menu on the Trac for the Platforms Project

Via the new trac site visit the Admin menu -> General -> Permissions to immediately restrict the following permissions to "authenticated" users:


You might also be grant the following permission to "authenticated", based on how you think your Trac site might be used by project members: