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Keep in mind that a Trac Project corresponds to an SVN Repository and a Trac Component corresponds to an SVN folder in Repository

Creating Subversion Repository

login as root to

% ssh

% cd /var/srv
% ls
svn trac

View instances of svn on coriolis

% ls svn
nccoos seacoos

Use svnadmin to create and manage repository. Get a list of help commands and help on specific command usage

% svnadmin help
% svnadmin help create

list repositories of nccoos

% ls svn/nccoos
datamgmt portal scratch

Create the SVN repository. NOTE: specify --fs-type fsfs because documentation is incorrect. It is fsfs is not the default.

% svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /var/srv/svn/nccoos/platforms

Verify newly created SVN repository

% ls svn/nccoos
datamgmt platforms portal scratch
% ls snv/nccoos/platforms
conf dav db format hooks locks README.txt

Change permissions on SVN repository

% cd /var/srv/svn/nccoos
% chown -R apache:root platforms

Add/Set permissions in dot-access of SVN

% cd /var/srv/svn/nccoos
% ls -a
. .. .access datamgmt platforms portal scratch
% vi .access

insert line under [groups] who will work on this code

platform-developers = haines

insert line under [scratch:/]

@platforms-develops = rw"

Allow all developers to create new components

[portal:/] as [platforms:/]
@platforms-developers = rw
cbc = rw
* = r

If want to refine who works on a specific component you can be very specific in .access, for example

cbc = rw
haines = rw
* = r

Now we are ready to create folders and submit code to SVN. See the section on committing code to SVN and creating component folders if given permission to do so. But first we need to set up the Trac project and component.