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NCCOOS Data Visualization efforts


  • Process Level 1 (monthly netCDF), into graphical products. Even though this a visualization piece, it is a component of the processing. A link to dataproc is provided. So hop on over there to get the full scoop on proc2plot.

Glider Track

A Google Earth (GE) API to visualize glider position and reports with other data layers, for example NDBC Buoy data and HFRadar data. The track is input using kml file. See pyglider in dataproc for links to source code to create the glider track kml file.


  • Most mapping runs on Maury except TS code (Cromwell)

jcleary transition material

Component for the base Chameleon Application

Component for NCCOOS Interactive Maps

  • Interactive Maps
  • Includes NCCOOS IM, NC Inventory map, Glider map, Static Obs map

Added a new component for NCCOOS/SEACOOS mapfiles

  • NCCOOS/SEACOOS mapfiles
  • Most serve double duty - hard to distinguish
  • cp'd from Interactive_Map component (original component)
    • then rm'd from that component
  • Updated SVN with production code

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