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Transition Notes

My notes about what I did and where it lives.


  • 2 main references (both word docs for now)
  • Applications: Apps I worked on and where their components live (complete)
  • Servers and Files: App breakdown by server and file ( 2 sections yet to complete)

Remaining Tasks

  1. USC WERA processing resolution
  2. Complete Server and File docs
    1. @maury:/opt/nccoos_maps/htdocs/
    2. @maury:/opt/nccoos_maps/mapfiles/
  3. Confirm CBC Cromwell email notification and enable if OK
  4. Compile NCSU SABGOM model notes for CBC, email R He's lab contact (Mingkui?)
    1. Wiki to hold
  5. Extract SECOORA portion of App doc and send to Sam W
  6. NC Winds: Weatherflow data needs EST to GMT conversion in matlab script handed over to Ben E
  7. NC WInds: Update Excel file about raw data collection and matlab processing status for Sara handed over to Ben E
  8. Finish PC cleanup
    1. RM email and email accounts
    2. Bookmark cleanup
    3. Export OneNote to Evernote
    4. Washburn notes to Evernote
    5. Evernote cleanup
    6. My Documents cleanup
    7. Data cleanup and notes
    8. FF stored password cleanup