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Available Projects

Top Level project tree

Projects give control over areas of work and responsible people. Each project has a number of components which are deployable source trees within a given project. The following outline is a brain dump of current code pieces that are maintained and stored by Sara, Jesse, and Chris to see how they fit into the framework of Projects. The "production" processes live and run on various computers.

Some possible projects are:

  • Platforms
    • Sara
      • data_acquisition (eVB)
      • daqLib (eVC)
      • data_transfer (eVB)
      • commLib (eVC)
  • Telemetry
  • Repository
  • Data Processing
    • Jesse
      • allinsitu_2_shape (NCCOOS)
      • GDP drifters (via AOML) to Xenia DB (seacoos)
      • CODAR to shapefile (seacoos)
      • QuikSCAT (seacoos)
    • Sara (buoy, tower) (met, ctd, adcp)
      • populate level0 (realtime and manual) (push and get)
      • raw2proc (level0 to level1)
      • proc2ndbc (push fm13 and fm64 to NDBC)
      • proc2latest (provide SEACOOS netCDF of latest data)
      • generate html tables (realtime)
    • Sara (codar) (surface currents)
      • (tar monthly CODAR raw spectra and rangefiles and and scp to mass-storage)
      • combine radial sites to total surface currents
      • radials proc2latest (provide SEACOOS netCDF of latest data)
      • totals proc2latest (provide SEACOOS netCDF of latest data)
  • Database
    • Jesse
      • nccoos_obs to DB (netCDF of CODAR totals & JPOP to NCCOOS_OBS DB)

  • Visualization
    • Jesse
      • Chameleon application (NCCOOS)
      • NCCOOS interactive map application (NCCOOS)
      • MS Mapfiles (NCCOOS and SEACOOS)
      • OGC CGI wrappers (NCCOOS and SEACOOS)
      • OGC mapfiles - parallel to SC feeds (NCCOOS and SEACOOS)
      • Sandbox WMS applications (SEACOOS)
    • Sara
      • proc2tsplot (last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days timeseries plots)
      • lastest2map (latest obs and various model maps)