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{9} All Tickets In Ichthyop Component (Including closed) (5 matches)

Report of all Ichthyop Component tickets.


Ticket Summary Milestone Status Resolution Version Type Priority Owner Modified
#5 Compare HYCOM Lat/Long dimension data to variable data minihycom assigned None 1.0 task major cbc 06/16/08
#4 Add Thickness to minihycom minihycom assigned None 1.0 defect major cbc 06/16/08
#3 Refactor minihycom for Vertical Component minihycom assigned None 1.0 enhancement minor cbc 06/16/08
#1 Wire Minihycom to Web Form minihycom assigned None 1.0 enhancement minor cbc 06/11/08
#2 Create Minihycom v1.0.0 ReleaseTag minihycom closed fixed 1.0 task major cbc 06/11/08
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