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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
3Draft Tower Safety Plan with Navyhainestaskcriticaldeployment
12Determine if any power and communication requirements for Navy componentshainestaskcriticaldeployment
4Get info on ASIMET purchase and recalibrationhainestaskmajorsensor
5Order New WIND ASIMET Moduleshainestaskmajorsensor
6Recalibrate ASIMET moduleshainestaskmajorsensor
13Obtain vessel informationhainestaskmajordeployment
19Determine vessel availability and costhainestaskmajordeployment
20Determine feasibility for camera systemhainestaskmajordeployment
29Determine capacity and condition of sealed Pb-Acid batterieshainestaskmajordeployment
32ship tower box to YSIhainestaskmajorsystem integration
41Test GlobalStar Communication via LoggerNethainestaskmajorcommunication
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