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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Owner Priority Created
#30 error parseing dates raw2proc raw2proc-1.0 defect haines * critical 12/09/10
#24 verify salinity values from AVPs YSI 6600 V2 raw2proc defect haines * major 09/24/08
#26 transform height above bottom to depth from surface for ADCPs raw2proc defect haines major 09/24/08
#27 Apply beam angle correction to height above transducer for all ADCPs raw2proc defect haines major 10/15/08
#28 Apply additional algorithm to help with ADCP surface masking raw2proc defect haines * major 10/17/08
#23 Implement udunits conversion in procutil raw2proc task haines major 09/18/08
#25 apply magnetic variation to wind data from AVPs raw2proc task haines * major 09/24/08
#29 clean up procutil module raw2proc task haines * major 12/07/10
#31 change dim names to match var name in netCDF (ntime to time) raw2proc raw2proc-1.0 defect haines * major 06/26/12
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